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The Top Ranked Minoxidil Products For Men

Minoxidil is an FDA approved ingredient that reduces hair loss and re-growth of hair, and is found in products like Lipogaine. Though the working of Minoxidil on the scalp is not clear, the quality of enabling proper blood flow to the follicles seems to be the positive effect that helps in reducing hair loss. Continuous usage of Minoxidil will result in an effective solution for hair loss and growth of new hair.

As per a review article in, men who were twenty-one to thirty years of age were affected severely by hair loss than women. Based on the composition and combination of components, the result of hair loss may differ. The top Minoxidil products are NuNutrients Advanced, Kirkland Minoxidil, and Lipogaine.

Kirkland Minoxidil
The Kirkland Minoxidil contains five percent of Minoxidil which slows down the hair loss, secure the hair present and helps in growth of new hair. This product comes with a non-scented solution which lasts for about six months and helps in hair regrowth and revitalizing of the follicles. A dropper is provided for easy application on hair daily and costs $25.69.

The combination of Minoxidil with biotin saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol and vitamins help in reducing hair loss, beard growth, and regrowth of hair. It reduces the DHT level which is the primary cause of hair loss in men, thereby strengthens and provides nutrients to the hair follicle. The cost of Lipogaine is $25.50, and the quantity to be used is one ml using a dropper.

NuNutrients Advanced
NuNutrients combines Biochanin A which inhibits DHT level, reduces hair loss and changes the free radicals in the scalp. Acetyl Tetrapaptide-3 stimulates the proteins for healthy roots and maintains the health of scalp. It comes along with a spray bottle which is easy to use and costs $49.99.

Any hair product should be used for over a period, for at least six months for the results to be visible and sustainable.

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