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Choosing And Using The Right Essential Oils


We all know that using the right essential oils is highly important. The essential oil that we choose should depend on the reason for use – would you want to have a great mood or do you want a burn to heal? There is no perfect list that specifies as to which oil has to be used for which health condition. You need to do quite a lot of research and consult with experts so that people can Check Out Your URL and be sure to use the right oil.

There are a lot of books on aromatherapy, and you just need time and effort to find the correct use of essential oils. is also a good place to look for what you need. But be careful to use the right oil and that too in the right method of application. Oils need to be properly diluted before use. Some examples are given here but it is up to individual reactions to each person, and you should look out for any adverse effects.

Essential oils are used in three possible ways on you: direct application to the skin, inhalation or consuming it and within each of these there are different ways in which it can be done. You can use essential oils directly, as sprays or while having a bath. The application purely depends upon the required effect of the oil. Some oils might cause skin irritation, these cannot be applied directly to the skin, either they are diluted or used for inhalation purposes only.

Once you have purchased an essential oil, the application can be as below:

1. Oils that are meant to for healing wounds have to be applied directly to the skin.
2. Oils that are used for mood effects can either be achieved using inhalation techniques or direct application on the skin.
3. Bath oils will also have both inhalation and direct application to the body.

If you have purchases an essential oil and have done some research about it and are still unsure about how to apply it on the body, then you need to consult an aroma therapist to understand the properties of the oil thoroughly before using it.

Some of the ways in which you can use the essential oil are as follows.

a) The diffuser is a device in which the oil is placed inside. As the name indicates, they evaporate either because of water or heat. Some of these also have timers so that you don’t have to do it every time.

b) Plain evaporation is a simple method to get the aroma of the oils. You need to add a few drops of it to cotton or tissue and leave it in the room. As the oil evaporates, the aroma fills the room.

c) Steam inhalation is a way in which a few drops of the oil is added to boiling water, and you inhale the same by covering yourself with a thick towel.

d) Spraying is also a very common way to use essential oils. A few drops of oil is added to a diluted solution and sprayed in the room with the help of a sprayer. This is also a very effective way to fill the room with the aroma from essential oils.