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Hair Spray Types

You need a hair spray whether you care about your hair. There are different brands and types of hair spray available in the market like the aerosols, spritzes and scrunching sprays etc. You need to decide which hair spray to use because the end result will be different in each type.

Here are the functions of different hair spray types listed below.
You can choose the hair spray depending on how much hold you need for your hair. You have three options based on the hold type. The first is flexible or light hold which will hold your hair for few hours temporarily which is suitable for curls and waves hair type. You get some free movement of hair in this type.
The second option is medium hold which offers more hold than the light hold and the shape will be retained for the entire day. It adds extra shine to your hair. The strong hold offers you more volume to your hairs and hold will stay longer and you don’t have any hair movement in this type. This type will be particularly used in some weather conditions or in celebrations where you don’t want your hair to come forward.
Hair sprays in some brands are in aerosol cans which is easier to use. You should spray is evenly on the hair to cover all the areas of your head. There is also pump model spray where the solution will come as short bursts and the spray will not be evenly spread. To know the review and ratings of the different hair spray brands available in the market search for Hair Spray Central on Internet, you will know about the detailed descriptions of all the top brands.
You must ensure whether the spray you are choosing will be suitable your hair type and your texture. The best hair spray should not reduce your hair density and keeps your hair texture remains the same. Hair sprays come in different flavors you choose the scent based on your interest. If you use any strong shampoo scent then avoid the sprays with much smells.

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